Teston Club Officers and Committee

Updated: April 2020
The smooth running of any organisation requires an experienced and dedicated group of people and The Teston Club is no exception. The current Club Officers and Committee are shown below.


Teston Club Officers

Teston Club Chairman: John Chappell
Teston Club Secretary: Vacant
Teston Club Treasurer: Jane Hay

Teston Club Committee

John Chappell- Committee Chairman
Andrew Keenan- Committee Vice Chairman & Acting Secretary
Jane Hay- Finance
Vacant - Secretary
Terry Smith - Bar Manager
Kevin WIse- Entertainments
Belinda Barnden-Peddle
Malcolm Peddle
John Co'Dy

Teston Club Trustees

John Butler
Tony Roser

Teston Club Honary Officers

Peter Butchers - President
Tony Roser - Vice President

Teston Club Bar Steward

Damian Steel